Iran’s rail system fell prey to a cyber attack this weekend

Iran’s rail system fell prey to a cyber attack this weekend


Iran faced its momentum cyber attacks this weekend. Reuters AND Guardian report that the Iranian railway train system and transportation websites suffered a “cyber disruption” (according to state media) over the weekend. The portal pages crashed, though it is not clear how badly the train system was affected. Officials claimed that only train appearances were compromised with fake messages, but the Fars news agency claimed there was “unprecedented chaos” involving cancellations and delays.

Locations and train systems were back to normal as of Monday morning.

It is not certain who was behind the attack, though Telecom Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi warned people about the ransomware threat if they did not address security vulnerabilities. Iran has historically blamed several cyber attacks on the US and Israel, although ransomware is more often the work of criminal organizations.

The US and other countries usually have attacked online in Iran, and both sides are engaged in a relatively smooth digital warfare. However, it is not clear that this is the cause – it could simply represent ‘ordinary’ hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in Iran’s infrastructure, whether to make money or wreak havoc.

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