Man accused of allegedly selling domestic trade advice on obscure website

Man accused of allegedly selling domestic trade advice on obscure website


The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have accused a man they claim sold domestic trade tips . Apostles of Troy used anonymous software, nicknames (he is said to have gone by the nickname “The Bull”) and to disguise his identity.

According to , Trovias sold stock information individually and on a conciliatory basis on the missing black market and other pages on the dark web. He is said to have styled himself as an “insider fund protection person” who worked in a commercial branch as an office clerk.

In 2017, not long before the authorities , Trovias reportedly sold to an Internal Revenue Service undercover agent pre-release earnings report information for at least one publicly traded company. He is facing a money laundering charge (which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison) and a securities fraud charge, which could lead to a 25-year prison sentence if Trovias is convicted.

The complaint was filed in February but was kept closed until after Trovias was captured. He was arrested in Peru in May, according to a spotted by , which notes that the US Government was working on his extradition.

Others have been charged or convicted in connection with AlphaBay activity. In February 2020, feeds Larry Harmon for allegedly running a $ 300 million money laundering scheme. Last September, Bryan Connor Herrell was with 11 years in prison. Herrell was a moderator for AlphaBay and resolved disputes between vendors and customers. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to get involved in a corrupt organization influenced by swindlers.

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