Verizon call filtering application now blocks area code fraud

Verizon call filtering application now blocks area code fraud


Fake fraudulent calls are pretty bad, but neighborhood scams are worse – they can all be tempting to answer when you see a number similar to your own. Verizon (currently Engadget parent company) may have a solution. state Upgrading its free Call Filter app with a “Neighborhood Filter” that blocks calls from numbers that share your area code and prefix. Scammers trying to contact you will go directly to voicemail.

You can specify other neighborhood numbers if you know fraudulent artists use them, provided you pay $ 3 a month for Call Filter Plus. And yes, you can make exceptions. Any number in your contact list or allowed numbers will still pass and you can correct an accidental block by telling the app to ignore the filter for future calls.

The updated application is now available for Android AND iOS. Neighborhood filtering is not the most sophisticated defense against fraudulent calls, but it is undoubtedly belated. This type of spamming is common, to the point where you can get multiple calls per day. A simple filter can lead to much less hassle, not to mention greater confidence in those incoming calls.

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